Student Council

The student council is made up of students from the entire school body. Each class elects their representative at the start of each year and these class captains along with the elected school captains all meet up together to discuss issues that affect the student body. Meetings are held with the help of our Technology teacher Miss O'Connell, usually every fortnight.

Items that are discussed vary from week to week and in the past have ranged from break times to litter problems and each year the council undertakes a major fundraiser to earn money to purchase things like drinking fountains and benches, something the students benefit directly from. We also invite in a number of guest speakers to talk to us and raise our knowledge on subjects such as bullying and study skills.

The student council provides a brilliant facility for student’s views to be raised in an appropriate manner and it gives our students an opportunity to have their say in how they feel their school is being run. This chance is important as it allows them to take an active role as they develop, along with having an important say in how things are done. It is also a great opportunity for new first years to see first-hand how a secondary school operates.

Also various groups and teachers use the council as a medium to pass on information or seek volunteers for sub committees. The elected representatives are seen as trust worthy students and therefore are tasked to help out on various activities and open nights etc.

Over the years it is clear that the students themselves have the courage and maturity to stand up for what they believe in and make a positive contribution to the school community. The student council continues to facilitate this each year and it is great to see new and interested young men represent the school in a very professional manner.

Written by Jason Dinneen, former school captain and school council member.


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