The School Day

The school opens at 8.15am and students are under supervision until class starts.
Parents and Guardians are requested not to deliver students to the school before this time, as they will be unsupervised.
Classes start at 8.50am and last for 40 minutes.

First Class            8.50 – 9.30

Second Class      9.30 – 10.10

Third Class        10.10 – 10.50

Small Break       10.50 – 11.05

Fourth Class      11.05- 11. 45

Fifth Class          11.45 – 12.25

Sixth Class         12.25 – 1.05

Lunch                   1.05 – 1.40

Seventh Class     1.40 – 2.20

Eight Class          2.20 – 3.00

Ninth Class*       3.00 – 3.40

* Ninth Class only occurs on Monday and Tuesday. All other school days end after the eight class.

All students must remain on the school grounds during small break and lunch
All students are requested to vacate the school premises within 15 minutes of the
end of the last class unless they are involved in a school activity supervised by a

Supervised Study
The College offers a programme of supervised study from 4pm to
5.45pm Monday and Tuesday and 3.15pm to 5.15pm for the remainder of the school week.


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