At St. Clement’s College we commit ourselves to providing to all students a Catholic education, within the appropriate curriculum which stresses personal responsibility and healthy personal development through self-discipline, a positive attitude towards life, a sense of personal integrity and an appreciation of the worth of all individuals.

It is our aim that students are provided with a realistic education which attempts to enable each student to cope with the problems of life by having a confidence in God through a living faith, an awareness of others and their problems and having the capacity for being compassionate and sympathetic to those in need.

We strive to ensure that when they leave the college, pupils are well prepared to become functional citizens in society, to enter a third level institution or follow a career of their choice.

We achieve this by:

  • Taking a very personal interest in each student through our system of pastoral care
  • Fostering open communication and close co-operation between school and the home
  • Helping the student to relate to the school community through participation in social, recreational and cultural life of the college
  • Participating in the religious and liturgical life of the community
  • Motivating the students to achieve their full potential

St. Clement’s has accumulated over one hundred and thirty years of educational experience in the teaching of young boys and has forged a system of education that is somewhat unique in its method of caring for the student. We take tremendous pride in our system of pastoral care that places the care of the student at the centre of the institution.


Our History