Strategies to support your son’s education

  • Make education important in your home and let your son know that his best effort is expected.
  • Listen to your son. Be interested in his news about the school and ask about what he is doing. Achieving a balance of support and realistic expectations is important.
  • Help your son to be proud of his good attendance record.
  • Build your son’s confidence by praising him when he does well.
  • Read letters and reports from the school and familiarise yourself with the school rules.
  • Be alert for reasons why your child may not want to go to school. If your son appears unhappy or if there is a change in his behaviour, do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss the matter.
  • Discourage your son from taking a part-time job during school term. A tired teenager will not be able to keep up at school.

To support the school in educating your son

Parents play a huge role in enabling the smooth and effective running of the school, from ensuring punctual arrival of a student in full school uniform to signing the school journal on a weekly basis. Good parental support is invaluable. Such involvement does not have to be time consuming. Good communication is the core of this support.

Some tips for maintaining good communication with the school throughout your son’s secondary education with us:

Contact details – Mobile phone numbers and office/home numbers need to be provided and updated as necessary. In case of emergency, it is also important to let the school have alternative names and numbers (first, second, and third point of contact) in case the first named person cannot be contacted.

Family circumstances – it is important to keep the school informed of changing circumstances - such as a family bereavement, separation, health issues – as this will impact on a student’s behaviour and education. A variety of supports exist in the school to help students, from the watchful eye of teachers in the classroom to counselling services form the Pastoral Care Team.

Parent Teacher Meetings – these occur once a year per year group. (See School Calendar)

Attendance is essential to maintain open communication between home and school.

Journal – signing your son’s journal every week  has proved to be best practice and allows parents to be aware of any notes, reports etc. made in relation to your son. For students who have poor organisational skills, parents can use the journal as a tool to help students  manage books, copies, homework in for the following school day. The P.E. teachers find it particularly helpful if parents ensure that the complete P.E. kit is packed on the day the students participate in this activity.

School Attendance Strategy

The parents/guardians play an important role in supporting the school’s attendance strategy. Good attendance is essential for promoting an efficient and effective school environment. Since there is a strong correlation between attendance records and results, good attendance is also an important factor in ensuring that the student is working to his full potential.

  1. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own attendance.
  2. Students and parents are provided with a weekly record of attendance and a running total of absences to date in the school journal. Parents are requested to ensure that they are aware of their son’s absence and that there is a legitimate reason for same.
  3. Attention is specifically drawn to attendance on school half-days. The whole concept of the “half-day” is a misnomer as students are present for six of the eight or nine classes of that day.
  4. Appointments for outside school business (e.g. Physiotherapy, doctor) should be made where possible after school hours.
  5. Absences should be explained in writing in the school journal to allow for the smooth running of the school and in order to adhere to The Education Welfare Act 2000. Such notes are to be provided to the Year Head on the immediate return of the student to school.
  6. Students who need to leave school at some point during the day must register at 9.30am with a note from the parent/guardian.
  7. Absence due to family holidays is discouraged . A student leaving the country during the school term for any reason should provide written notification to the school prior to his departure.

Punctuality – parents should ensure that students arrive on time to school.

School rules – are included in the following publications

The School Journal

The Parent Pack

The school Website

Parents are requested  to read the school rules and the consent form in the Parent’s pack must be signed by the student, parent/guardian and returned to the school at the start of each school year.

School Uniform- important that this is checked

Electronic devices-  Mobile phones are banned during class time. We would encourage parents not to contact their sons by mobile during school hours.  In case of emergency contact the school at  061 315878.

Parental involvement in the school- Parents are welcome to participate in the Parent’s Council or to stand for election for the two positions that are reserved for parents on the Board of management of the College.


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