St. Clement’s Redemptorist College
Admissions Policy

Type of School
St. Clement’s Redemptorist College is a Catholic voluntary Secondary School for boys under the patronage of the Redemptorist Trustee Board.
Characteristic Spirit
The characteristic spirit of St. Clement’s is based on the vision and values of the Redemptorist Educational Philosophy. It is underpinned by a philosophy of education that has at its centre the unique dignity of the person as a child of God. The interaction of people from different backgrounds is perceived as a gift that will enrich the community of the school and promote the growth and learning of all. Therefore, the school values each student and his family. It welcomes and is sensitive to each one seeking to meet their individual needs through:
The Curriculum
The school provides a curriculum that has breadth, depth and academic rigour. It facilitates and supports the students’ search for truth and meaning. It encourages them to strive for excellence in all areas of human growth. It provides a range of learning opportunities that help them to explore their talents and to achieve their potential. It prepares them for active participation in society and for a future world of work. It encourages them to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and decision-making.
Pastoral Care
The school supports its students so that they can make the most of their time in school. It provides programmes of language support, help with study and personal guidance and counselling when necessary. It develops links with family, striving to work in partnership with parents.
Faith Development
The school has a special commitment to the development of the spiritual dimension of the lives of it’s members. To this end, faith formation and the Religious Education programme play a key role.
St. Clement’s welcomes all who share this vision and wish to benefit from it.
Opening Context
St. Clement’s Redemptorist College operates within the context of
• The legislation and regulations of the Department of Education and Skills.
• The rights of trustees as set out in the Education Act, 1998.
• The religious and educational philosophy of the Redemptorists
• The funding and resources available to the school at any given time.

St. Clement’s is a school that:
• Is inclusive in intake
• Supports the principle of equality of access to and participation in education
• Recognises and supports the rights of parents to choose with regard to enrolment in secondary school
• Welcomes students with different values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life and seeks to meet their particular needs, subject only to available resources and support for the ethos of the school.

School Resources
• The financial and teaching resources of the school are provided by a combination of grants and teacher allocations from the Department of Education and skills, voluntary contributions, and occasional fundraising.
• Implementation of the school plan and school policy must have due regard to the resources and funding available.
Curricular Context
• St. Clement’s operates within the regulations of the Department of Education and Skills and follows the curricular programmes so prescribed, which may be amended from time to time in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act. 1998.
Enrolment Procedures and Admission Criteria
This section sets out the policy of the school with regard to enrolment procedures and admission criteria for entry into First Year 2019/20
Students eligible for admission to First Year;
To be eligible for admission to First Year, students must
• Have reached the age of 12 years by 1st January of the calendar year following entry into First Year (as required by Department of Education and Skills regulations)
• Have completed Sixth Class in Primary School or its equivalent
• Be willing, in conjunction with their parents/guardians, to accept the Characteristic Spirit of the school.
• Be willing, in conjunction with their parents/guardians, to accept the school’s Code of Behaviour
Enrolment Procedures
• Limerick Area Post-Primary schools have agreed to operate a Common Application Procedure 2019/20.
• Application to St. Clement’s College will be in accordance with the Common Application Procedure for Limerick Area Post Primary Schools.
• Application Forms will be available in Primary Schools during the first term and shall also be available from the school office.
• Completed application forms must be returned to St. Clement’s College on or prior to the closing date
• It is the responsibility of the applicant/parent(s) guardian(s) to ensure that application forms are received by the school and those who return application forms by post/courier must retain proof of postage/delivery.
• When an application form, properly completed and signed is received in the school, it will be date stamped.
• Incomplete application forms will not be returned to the parents/guardians.
• Late applications will be considered only after all applications received on time have been processed.
Allocation of Places in First Year 2019/2020
Decisions regarding student admissions are a matter for the Board of Management.
As soon as possible but not later than 21 days after the closing date for receipt of competed application forms, the Board of Management shall make a decision in respect of each application, and inform the parents of the outcome in writing (as required by the Education Welfare Act 2000).
As a general principle and in so far as is practicable, students that are eligible for admission will be enrolled on application.
A maximum of 90 places will be available in First Year for the academic year 2019/20.The Board of Management will allocate places in accordance with the following procedure:
• In support of the family ethos, priority will be given to applicants who have a brother in the school.
• Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places, a system of independently supervised random selection will apply
• A waiting list will be established from this selection following the allocation of available places
• If there are any available places when all applications received on time have been dealt with, late applications will be considered. If necessary, a random selection process will be used.
The Board of management reserves the right to refuse enrolment to any student in exceptional cases. Such an exceptional case could include the following:
• The student has specific needs that, even with additional resources available from the Department of Education and Skills, the school cannot meet such needs and/or provide the student with an appropriate education, or in the opinion of the Board of Management, the student poses an unacceptable risk to other students, to school staff or to school property.
Student Transfer
In the case of students wishing to transfer to St. Clement’s College from another second level school, for any reason whatsoever, information concerning the prospective student’s attendance record, education progress to date, behaviour record and impact on the learning environment for other students in the classroom will be required. The application for admission to St. Clements’s College will be judged in light of this information and subject to a vacancy in a suitable class.
Where the Board of management decides to refuse admission to the school, the parents/guardians of the student concerned may appeal the decision to the Department of Education and Skills under Section 29 of the Education Act, 1988. The appeal must generally be made within 42 calendar days of the date that the decision of the Board of Management was notified to the parents/guardians.
Students with Special Educational Needs
St. Clements’s Redemptorist College welcomes applications from parents/guardians of students with special educational needs. The school will use resources (finance and personnel) provided by the Department of Education and Skills to make reasonable provision and accommodation for students with disabilities or special educational needs and will ensure that these students are free to participate in the life of the school insofar as is reasonably practicable. It is important that the school be made aware of any special needs as early as possible so that every effort may be made to obtain the necessary resources from Department funding to ensure that students are given every possible support to enable them to achieve their academic potential.
Eligibility for Enrolment in ASD Centre
The following conditions, along with the general criteria outlined above, must be satisfied for enrolment to be considered;
• The pupil has a diagnosis of Autism i.e. appropriate DSM or ICD diagnosis, from an ASD Multi-Disciplinary team and the pupil is recommended for placement in a Special Class or Centre attached to a mainstream secondary school.
• A detailed Psychological and Cognitive Assessment noting that the student is assessed to be within the mild/general to above average range of intellectual ability together with a Speech and Language report and an OT report within the previous two years must be provided. Indicators are that the needs of a student with moderate intellectual ability who is not capable of any significant level of integration are best met in a Special School placement. The ASD Centre may not cater for boys with severe or profound learning difficulties.
• Each application should be supported by a report from the primary school, previous secondary school if transferring, outlining the student’s academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs and outlining the current extent of social inclusion.
• Any individual educational plans are welcome for the consistent progression of the student’s development.
• Under guidelines from the Department of Education and Science the number of places in the ASD Centre is limited to SIX students in St. Clements College.

AS our ASD centre is now at full capacity and has an existing waiting list, it is unlikely that applications for 2019/20 will be offered a place.

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