6th Year

St. Clement’s College 6th Year Booklist 2017-18

MATHS: Higher Level students: Text & Test Books 4,5,6,7. Celtic Press (2015 onwards)

Ordinary Level Students: Text & Test 3 Celtic Press (2015 onwards)
All Students : Maths Tables, Set & Calculator – Casio fx-83GT plus –Natural U.P.A.M.

IRISH: Higher: Keep Textbook and Notes from last year
Folder & Copy of Novel

Ordinary – Keept textbook and notes from last year.

EDCO Exam Papers Higher OR Ordinary as appropriate

ENGLISH: Retain all copies and textbooks from last year.
Past Exam Papers (Higher or Ordinary level as appropriate) Educate.ie
Honours only. Key Notes L.C. 2018 Higher Level Mentor Books
Great Gatsby F.S. Fitzgerald.

GEOGRAPHY: Horizons book 3 2nd Edition New Book– Folens – Brian Daly, Tara Fitzharris

PHYSICS: *Real World physics – O’Regan (Book & Workbook) – Folens

BUSINESS: 21 CenturyBusiness Revised Edition. William Murphy CJ Fallon.Textbook&Workbook
1 Hard Back copy and 2 120 page A4 Manuscript Books, A4 Folder.

BIOLOGY: *Leaving Certificate Biology O’Callaghan Edco.
Biology Essential Exam Revision – Sarah Dilleen –Folens (if in print)
Biology Exam Papers Higher & Ordinary – Educate.ie

ACCOUNTING: *Leaving Cert. Accounting – O’Riordan (Revised Edition) – Folens

ART: *Less Stress More Success Art History Notes – Gill&Mac Millan
History and appreciation of art (Folens) Tara Fahy & Siobhan Geoghegan
1 A4 hard back copy

FRENCH: Retain all 5th year books.
French exam papers (Educate.ie)
Miss Barrett’s class buy both Ordinary and Higher level papers.

Religion : Time to Journey – Breen + Hedderman.

Chemistry : * Chemistry Live Text & Workbook – Declan Kennedy – Folens

HISTORY: Retain book & notes from last year

GERMAN: Deutch Komplertt – Marie Devlin Quinn and Devral Mcgrath (book already in use)
Exam Papers – Edco
Leaving cert Oral German 2016+ James Hayes and Dagmar Hayes (book already in use)
New Folder with 40 plastic pockets & A4 Hardback

LCVP: A4 Hardback Copy

Music: Retain books from last year.
Edco Exam Papers

*Books already in use – retain

12X 120 page copies
School Journal- available through the school

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