1st Year

St. Clements College First Year Booklist 2017-18

School Journal only available from school in September.

C.S.P.E: Make a Difference 2nd Edition,( Harrison & Wilson) – Folens (Textbook) buy 2nd hand

History: Uncovering History,( Delap & Mc Cormack) – Folens
3 A4 Hardback copies

Religion: Religion for Living Religious Education – 2nd Edition (Duffy )–Alpha press
A4 Hardback Copy

Science: Investigating Science (Comiskey, Kelleher & Kelly) Gill Education.
Hard back Science
Copy A4 Graph Copy
A4 Notes Copy
A4 Manuscript Copy

English: Great Expectations 1 by (Catherine Leddin) published by Educate.ie
(Junior Cycle English First year)
Private Peaceful by Michael Murpurgo
2 A4 Hardback Copies
Collins Pocket Dictionary and Thesauras
Display folder A4 with 120 plastic pockets

Business Studies: Time for Business Ed.Co.
Text Book + Workbook.
(Stafford, O’Sullivan, Henry + Cumiskey)
A4 Folder – Document wallet
Record book 1, 2 &3
A4 hardback,
2 120 page A4 Manuscript Books.

Irish: Cinnte 1 Ed.Co.(O’Toole & Wade)
Irish Dictionary

Maths: Text & Test 1 Project Maths Common Introductory Course –Celtic Press
Calculator – Casio fx-83GT plus -Natural- U.P.A.M.
Maths set

Geography: New Complete Georgraphy (5th Edition) Charles Hayes Gill and MacMillan.
New Complete Geography Skills book
1 Hardback Copy

S.P.H.E.: Healthy Lifestyles 1 – Edel O’ Brien – G & M
A4 Cardboard Folder

Languages: To be decided in September
Art: To be decided in September
Music: To be decided in September.
Technology: To be decided in September.

P.E. St.Clements Jersey Canterbury in Gleesons Sport Scene €36 (compulsory)
Optional gearbag, Jacket etc.

Other requirements 12 X120 page copies.

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