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A Thuismitheorí go léir, Fáilte go dtí an leathanach gréasáin na Comhairle do Thuismitheorí.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Parent Council web page, of St. Clement’s Redemptorist College.

The purpose of the Parent Council is to support and promote good relationships between the child/student, the parents and the school, with the emphasis on the complete welfare of each student. It is also to advance the aims and objectives of the school. We undertake to promote activities as agreed by the Board of Management, and also have a role in promoting and upholding the Redemptorist Ethos of welcome, to all.

All Parent Councils are governed and advised by the NPCPP (National Parent Council Post Primary), which is an organisation established by legislation to ensure parents have a voice in the education of their children. The NPCPP has recently undergone significant changes, making it more structured and formally effective at providing guidelines and support for all Parent Councils. Every parent is automatically a member of the Parent Council at their child’s school upon entry of the child to that school.

Education of each student is multi-faceted but the Role of the Parent and the importance and significance of being involved in your child’s education is well documented and supported by research. It shows that parental involvement in the school is positively related to the intellectual and overall achievements of students, completion of homework and graduation rates. (Tozer, Senese & Violas 2006)

The majority of school Principals recognise and acknowledge that lack of parental involvement is the single largest road block to students academic achievement, ( Ryan & Cooper 2007 ). Children whose parents are involved with the school are characterised by higher attendance rates, positive attitudes towards school, positive behaviour and increased positive interaction with their peers. (Koonce & Harper 2005). Involved parents model for their children that education is more than just the delivery of Curriculum. ( Cullingford & Morrison 1999)

One of the best ways for parents to become involved is to participate in Parent Council activities, attend the monthly meetings and generally make yourself known to the school and the Parent Council. This ensures that you will get to know your child’s school, its teachers and current trends and developments within the Education System.

Research suggests how parental involvement unlocks the childs educational potential and that parents who become involved in their child’s academic and social development at school have a positive effect on decreasing their children’s suspensions and inappropriate behaviour. (Koonce & Harper 2005 )

There is also a social aspect to becoming involved in the Parent Council, as parents from each of the various years within the school get to meet and discuss relevant issues. For example the Junior and Leaving Certificate Exams, Transition Years Programmes etc. in an informal setting. Parents build up a large personal portfolio of experience as they guide their children through the Educational Process, and can be a great source of support and information for each other.

The Parent Council supports the school in all its endeavours and projects and at various events throughout the school year, such as the Open Night, when the school is showcased for potential incoming students and at the Graduation Events at the end of the school year. There is an elected Executive Committee which facilitates the overall smooth running of the group and two elected parents represent the entire parent group within the school on the Board of Management.

Due to the nature of school life, with students entering the school and graduating from the school each year, it is imperative to continually encourage parents to participate and become involved with the Parent Council to ensure its future success and continuity; ensuring the provision of such an important and vital link between students, their parents and the school.

Therefore, St. Clement’s Parent Council extends a continuous welcome to all parents. It is never too late to become involved and will benefit you and your child at any stage in their education. The Council recognises each parents personal potential to contribute positively to the group, support their child’s educational development and enhance the partnership of school and families.

Currently our meetings are held in the school on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.30 pm.

We look forward to meeting you,

Le gach dea-mhéin,

With every good wish,


The Executive Committee.

St. Clements Parent Council.





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