Transition Year

The St. Clement’s College Transition Year Programme is a highly structured one year programme aimed at developing a more mature student who will be better prepared for the demands of the Leaving Certificate Programmes and further study or work.  It is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle by facilitating the smooth transition from the more dependent learning of the Junior Cycle to the more independent self directed learning of the Senior Cycle.

The Transition Year Programme in St. Clement’s College was first introduced in 1992.  The aims of the programme are to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of each student and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.  Over the past twenty three years, through continuous evaluation with all interest groups, the programme has been developed and modified to make it the success that it is today.

Since we moved into our new school in September 2008, both students and staff have begun to enjoy the benefits of our new learning environment.  With all new facilities and state of the art equipment, we are now able to offer a wider range of subjects and modules to our transition year students.  A new gymnasium equipped with the most modern equipment, new computer rooms fitted with the latest technology, a language laboratory, an all weather astro turf pitch, a wide range of specialist rooms together with larger modern classrooms has enabled us to improve the programme which we offer to our Transition Year students.

In 1992, we were one of 150 schools in the country offering the TY Programme to our students.  Today, this number has increased to over 600 schools and is continuing to increase year by year. A main feature of the programme is that its components are unique to every school in that each school is responsible for designing the contents of its own programme.  As such, the content reflects the strengths of the school, the needs of the student and the expertise of the staff.  Our programme for the current year is as follows:

Core Subjects: Irish, English, Maths and a European language.

Sampler Subjects: Business, Economics, Accounting, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Art, Applied Maths, Music and Technology and Agricultural Science.

Modules: Drama, Computer Studies, Careers, Religion, Physical Education, Environmental Studies, SPHE, Public Speaking, Successful Transitions, Home Economics, Electronics, Health and Safety, Judo, Gaisce Awards and Mini-Company.

Work Experience and Social Placement are an integral and important part of our Transition Year programme.  All students spend two weeks on work experience and one week on social placement.  Although work experience has been part of our programme since its inception, social placement was introduced for the first time in September 2007.  I believe this is a very worthwhile experience as students have the opportunity to visit organisations or charities and work with people who may be less fortunate than themselves.

Students also have the opportunity to learn from the advice and knowledge of visiting speakers on topics such as finance, life skills and first aid to name but a few.  No programme would be complete without the student’s favourite-the excursion.  Be it a visit to the cinema or theatre, a mini company presentation to showcase their work, hill walking, a retreat to the Aran Islands or a number of outdoor activity days, they all serve to enhance the educational experience of our students.


Transition Year Information Night

In May of each year, Junior Certificate students together with their parents / guardians are invited to attend an information night in the college.  At this meeting, a presentation of the Transition  Year Programme is given and various teachers of the programme and I outline the plan for the new year.  The information night concludes with a question and answer session.

Transition Year Registration Night

At the beginning of the new school year, transition year students and their parents / guardians are invited to attend registration night.  On this occasion, students are given more specific details of the Transition Year Programme.  A Transition Year pack and information folder is presented to each student.

The pack contains important information outlining the St. Clement’s College Mission Statement, Transition Year Mission Statement, Transition Year information letter, School Calendar, School Journal, Transition Year timetable, Work Experience dates, Contract of learning form, Student/Parent/Guardian contact details form. The above forms need to be signed and returned to the school.

Various teachers from the Transition Year team and I deliver a presentation on the upcoming academic Transition Year Programme. ie. aims, objectives, core subjects, sampler subjects, modules. An address is also given regarding the code of conduct, commitment and the high expectations of students for the year. The night concludes with a question and answer session.

Transition Year Parent Teacher Meetings

As with all other class years within the school, a parent teacher meeting will be held once during the school year.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet the Transition Year Coordinator and teachers of the core subjects, Irish, English, Maths and a modern language. Teachers of sampler subjects and modules can be met anytime during the school year by appointment.

Transition Year Graduation Night

Transition Year Graduation night will be held in late May of the academic year.  On this occasion, parents, guardians, students and teachers will have the opportunity to see an overview of the year by way of awards, presentations of certificates, slide shows and video.  Presentations are also made to those students who have used the Transition Year experience to excel in various disciplines which Transition Year helps to promote.


Our Transition Year Programme is awarded at three different levels. Distinction, Merit and Completion. This acknowledges individual student commitment and participation in the Transition Year Programme.


Yours sincerely,

Eoin O’ Toole

Transition Year Programme Coordinator




Colm .pix

TY Student of the year 2015 Colm Barrett pictured with Mr.Eoin O’Toole, Programme Co-ordinator

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