3rd Year

Third Year BookList 2016-17

Irish Higher Level * Iontas 3 – Edco same book as last year
Ordinary Level *Iontas 2-Edco same book as last year
Exam Papers (Higher or Ordinary as appropriate) – Educational company.

English Retain all copies and textbooks from last year
Honours Level: The Merchant of Venice. Educate .ie
Exam Papers (Higher or Ordinary as appropriate) Educate .ie

Maths Ordinary Level: *Project Maths Text & Test 2 Celtic Press
Higher Level:*Project Maths Text & Test 2 Celtic Press
All Students Maths Set, Table & Calulator Casio fx-83GT plus Natural U.P.A.M.

History *Uncovering History – Delap & Mc Cormack – Folens
Rapid revision History – McGrath – Folens
Exam papers Higher or Ordinary – Edco

Religion: Religion for Living Series – Duffy – 2nd Edition– Alpha press

Science: *Science Matters Dorgan Kennedy Walsh – Folens
*Hardback Science copy & A 4 hardback copy

French: Retain all 2nd year books.
Educate.ie Past Papers

Geography: Retain Books from second year i.e. New Geo by Edco, Junior Cert Geography
(Authors Ashe + McCarthy
Exam Papers – Edco at the required level.
Junior Cert. Exam papers – Educational Company

German: Junior Cert Papers by EDCO
Retain 2nd year Books
2 X A4 hardback copy & Manuscript copy.
Collins Pocket Dictionary

SPHE Healthy Lifestyles 3 O’ Brien & Moore – G & M

Business: *Euro Business (3rd edn) – book & workbook– folens
Record Books 1,2,3, . A4 Hardback,
2 120 page A4 Manuscript Books
A4 Document Wallet
Do not buy exam papers till instructed to by teacher.

Music: *Retain last year textbooks
Junior cert Exam Papers – Edco

Technology: * Junior Cert Technology – Grainne Engright & *Isometric Grid paper

C.S.P.E: *Make a Difference 2nd Edition (Text & Workbook), Harrison & Wilson

Art: Project guide for Art Craft & Design – Gill & Macmillan – Holahan & ¬Roche

*Books already in use – to be retained

Other Requirement: 12X 120 copies

School Journal (only available from School)

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